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Winner, Losers, and the Eye of the Beholder

September 9, 2013

We’ve been a bit distracted of late as baseball season wanes and football season waxes.  Our hearts have been broken repeatedly by our beloved Yankees.  But finally, they won one against Boston.  So then we had our hearts broken by our beloved Giants.  Oh, well.  At least Serena Williams came through for us at the U.S. Open.

We know, we know: it’s not about us.  Or so they say.  Actually, when you think about it, it’s really all about us, isn’t it?  We are the ones interpreting good and bad, happy and sad, and all the colors in between.  In the end, the world is what we think it is. 

Yes, we’re about to segue into the relationships part of this football-and-relationships blog.  The tough season our Yankees have had (not due to lack of heart, but to multiplicity of injuries) got us to thinking.  How long do you keep rooting for your team if they’re having a losing season?  That is, are they still “your team,” win or lose?

We’ve had some pretty decent seasons with both the Yankees and the Giants.  But there are teams that go for decades without making it into the post season, let alone the World Series or the Super Bowl, as the case may be.  So.  Do you root for losers?

Then again, how do you define ‘losers’?  See, that’s your call.  Your decision.   If “your team” has a lot of heart, but also a lot of injuries, are they still “losers” when they don’t have a winning season?  What if they’re just not bankrolled as well as the “winners”?  Are they still “your team”?

Which reminds us of our niece.  Actually, this is probably more silly than instructive, given who she had to make this decision about: her sixteen-year old lifeguard son.  The one at the top of his class who won the French medal.  The curly-headed cutie besieged by all the teenaged girls in the neighborhood.  The soccer star.  Yes: that kid.  Winner,winner winner.  Right?

But our niece (Master’s Degree and all) was concerned.  Apparently, her friend’s son did something “better” than her own.  Can’t even remember what it was.  After all, given her own son’s resumé, what’s left?

Which brings us to the point we’re trying to make here: comparisons are . . . well, downright silly, if you ask us.  And even if you don’t ask us.

Here’s the thing: if only “perfect” people could be loved, then we sure wouldn’t be loved.  And we bet you wouldn’t be either.

And yet, if you think about it, each of us is perfect.  Perfectly us, that is.  There’s a car commercial about that.  It says something like: “Be yourself.  Everybody else is taken.”  Good thought to keep in mind.

So your team may not be racking up as many wins as the competition.  But if we only rooted for the “winners,” we’d all root for the team that won the Super Bowl.  Or the World Series. 

So the question remains: win or lose, are they (whoever ‘they’ are) still “your team”?  Moreover, are they your “perfect” team?  Because if you don’t see their perfection, maybe you should choose another team, not just ‘settle’ for a loser.

Ditto for your mate.  After all, who wants to be “settled for”?  But you should bear in mind that if you don’t see his/her true perfection, it’s you, not your mate.  Beauty (and all other good things) is in the eye of the beholder.

 And hey: don’t you want to have your own perfection beheld?

 So go Giants!!  Although we do like us some Colin Kaepernick . . .