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Can Brett Favre Improve Your Relationship?

August 24, 2008

The idea of football in general – and Brett Favre in particular – actually improving your relationship may sound . . . well, a bit silly.  At least at first glance.


But remember that old song: “How do you keep the music playing?  How do you think of new things to say?”


Well, now.  Can you see where we’re going with this?


Maybe learning a little more about football – and about Brett Favre – isn’t such a bad idea after all.


So here it is: all you ever wanted to know about Brett Favre.  Heck, we’ve even got Brett Favre authentic NFL jerseys for you to wear while you toss around your new-found brilliance.  Just make sure you save the talking for the commercials, okay?


Oh, and it’s pronounced Far-v, by the way.


So.  Brett Favre is one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time, a shoe-in for the Football Hall of Fame.


But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  Since some of you are still new to the game (and/or haven’t read our book), we should explain first that the quarterback is the leader of his team.  He’s the guy who gets the ball at the start of each play, so the team’s fate is, to a very large extent, in the quarterback’s hands.  Which is why when a quarterback is as talented as Brett, he achieves the status of superstar.


Now.  What’s all the excitement about?  Well, as we said, after playing for the Green Bay Packers for the past sixteen years, and becoming an icon in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Brett has signed with the New York Jets.  And however Brett makes out in a Jet uniform, one thing’s for sure: he’ll fill the stadium seats wherever the Jets play.  The man really is a legend.


Which is part of the scenario here.  It takes time to become a legend, which means Brett Favre has been around for a while.  He’ll be thirty-nine on his next birthday, which falls on October 10.  Of course, that’s hardly considered old in the larger world, but in the sports community, especially in a role as demanding as NFL quarterback, it’s positively ancient.


Which is what led to the parting of the ways between Brett and the Packers.  He told them (and not for the first time) that, this year for sure, he was retiring.  But a few months into his retirement, Brett realized that he just couldn’t stay away.  Only by the time he got around to changing his mind, the Packers had already made up theirs: they were set to go with (gasp!) somebody else!


Frankly, in Green Bay, we think this may be a mortal sin, and heaven only knows what will become of the Packers without Brett at the helm.  That’s also a story we should be paying attention to, so look for a subsequent post on that subject.


For now, though, we’ll stick with Brett.  Which Green Bay may wish they had.   We shall see.


In our next post, we’ll tell you just how great the guy really is!!!



Football, Relationships . . . and Brett Favre?

August 22, 2008

We’ll begin our Learn About Football, Improve your Relationship Series with some facts about an NFL legend.  Brett Favre.  After playing for the Packers in Green Bay, Wisconsin, for sixteen years, Mr. Favre has just signed with the New York Jets.  We live in New Jersey, but we’re right on the banks of the Hudson River, so we can shake our fists at New York from our living room window. 


Now, we think it’s truly cool that Brett Favre is now quarterbacking the New York Jets.  Even so, our proximity to New York is not why we’re writing about Brett Favre and the NFL.


It’s because the first question we were asked after our book was published was not about how the game is played, or even how to look sexy while watching Sunday Night Football.  It was about Brett Favre.


So this is in answer to our ophthalmologist’s wife, who felt dumb because all her husband’s friends were talking about Brett Favre, and she didn’t even know what a Brett Favre was.


Which brings up an interesting point about relationships: why didn’t the good doctor just tell his wife a little bit about Brett Favre?  See, here’s the thing: many of you guys complain about being asked “stupid questions” by your beloved while you’re trying to watch the football game.  But how can you learn if you don’t ask?


So our question is: why not take a little time to explain the game a couple of mornings over breakfast or on a game-less Tuesday evening?  Then maybe you could just root together in peace on Sunday night, yes?


Meanwhile, if some of you football mavens would share your knowledge with us by posting on this blog, you might have a peaceful breakfast, too.  Sound like a plan?


Anyway, we’ve got Brett Favre covered.  We’ll tell you all about him in our next post.  But feel free to add anything we may miss.

A Co-Op to Learn About Football, Improve Your Relationship, and Change the World

August 19, 2008

Learn about football. Improve your relationship. Change the world. We wrote the book. We thought we were done here.

We were feeling pretty smug, if you want to know the truth. Hey, we thought, with Football is for Lovers, you guys could learn enough about football so that you could watch a game, know what was going on, and even enjoy it. Plus (we thought, blushing) we showed you how learning football could be sexy so that you could use it to spice up your relationship. Heck, we even provided the wardrobe for you: basic black logo T-shirt and an infinite supply of official NFL jerseys.

And then, we put plenty of football factoids in the book so you’d know some cool stuff your beloved probably didn’t, so you could maybe feel a little smug, too.

And as if the book weren’t enough, we began writing a bunch of articles about football and relationships and like that, and we posted them to our website.

We mean, geez, guys. We already gave you the blueprint for intimacy, romance, sex, M&M’s, and whole new way of looking at football. We even threw in a Burma Shave sign.

What more could you want?

Well, we got the answer to that question pretty darn quick.

Seems like we didn’t tell you Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Football and Relationships after all. Well, we did warn you in the book that nobody knows everything, and nobody is ever completely ready for anything. Even so, when you feel dumb, you don’t feel sexy. When you feel smart, you do. So obviously we don’t want to leave you stranded with unanswered questions.

Okay, then. Here’s the plan: we’ll get this blog rolling with more football facts and relationship tips, and try to tell you what you want to know. Still, we’re only Bob and Kaye. Can we get a little help here?

Which brings us to the Big Co-Op Idea. You guys can ask whatever you want, and maybe we can all give each other some answers. About relationships, NFL teams and players, when it’s time to call a quarterback sneak, the best way to accessorize a Raiders jersey. Whatever. Bob and Kaye may not know everything, but among us all, we’ll bet we know quite a lot. Maybe even enough to change the world.

Bob and Kaye’s Mission Statement

August 17, 2008

Learn about football, improve your relationship, change the world. We’re Bob and Kaye, and that, in a nutshell, is the mission of our blog. We already wrote a book, Football is for Lovers, to kick things off. And, yes: the book is about learning football and improving your relationship. Changing the world may take a few more books. Meanwhile, we’re aware that even when it comes to learning football and improving your relationship, our book may not be quite enough. Hence the blog. Which we hope will become sort of a learn football/improve your relationship co-op, with you guys posting relationship tips as well as information about the NFL team of your choice. And maybe all that sharing will move us a little further toward changing the world.