Why Your Guy Loves Football: He Won’t Tell You – But We will

Maybe if you understood why your guy loves football, his obsession wouldn’t drive you quite as crazy.  In fact, play your cards right, and you may find out you can make his obsession work for you instead of against you.

Football, football and more football.  From August NFL pre-season through February Super Bowl, that’s all your guy thinks about.  A bunch of Neanderthals running around in circles: what, you may have asked, is the big deal?

Well, of course, there’s the obvious guy-stuff bonding.  Depending on where you fall in the range of femininity – we all have varying proportions of yin and yang – that might mean for you lunch with the girls, a political rally, book club, or yoga class.
But, you say, you are not obsessed with yoga class.  Or book club.  Or lunch.

He, on the other hand, is obsessed with the game of football.

Indeed.  Because that’s only the top layer.  The cover story, as it were.

Obsession runs a lot deeper.

The thing is, your guy is not only bonding with his beer-guzzling buddies.  He’s bonding with the guys out there on the field.

Oh, sure.  He’s a successful accountant, fireman, construction worker, police officer, salesman, bond trader, truck driver, dentist: whatever.

But even the President of the United States acknowledged that he’d rather be shooting hoops.

Yes: that’s basketball.  The point is, it’s a sports thing.  And sports are the embodiment of the dream of . . . well, heroism.

Powerful stuff.

And the dream lives.  The boy who pictured himself leaping in the air to pull down that football and score the winning touchdown in the last two seconds of the Super Bowl lives on!
In your living room.

And we say: beat up on the dream at your own risk.

Because there’s a vibrancy still in the dream.  And it’s part of what keeps your guy vital and alive.

No kidding.

So it’s in your best interest to encourage it.  Give him the clicker.  Cheer him on!

Isn’t he more alive, happier, energized when he’s watching a game then when he’s heading off to the office (or store or construction site or firehouse or route 56)?

So why would you want to throw cold water on that?  Personally, we think refusing to fan the flames of all that – uh – manly vigor is not your most electrifying choice.

Unless, of course, you hate sex.

Otherwise, we suggest you try rooting along with him.

We’re pretty sure you’ll like it.

At least after the game.

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